Salt water fish - Sole
Salt water fish


Sole, or Dover sole, is very similar to the related fish witch, also known as Torbay sole, and lemon sole. All three are elongated and right-eyed. Sole can be recognized by its oval, elongated shape and the small bearded threads on the blind side of the head.

Fish facts

These three fish can replace each other in your kitchen but sole is considered to be the best and has firmer flesh. Lemon sole is the smallest of the three. The “lemon” in the name refers to the shape of the fish, not the flavor.

Cooking sole

Its firm, white and delicious flesh means sole can be cooked in a variety of ways. The skin can’t be eaten. Ask your fishmonger to remove it.

Sole can cope with waiting a few days before cooking. Gourmets and top chefs think a few days on ice make it easier to skin and improve the flavor. Ask your fishmonger about the age of the fish you are buying.

Sole, Torbay sole and lemon sole are good all year round.

The classic

Sole meunière, coated in wheat flour and fried in butter. With boiled potatoes, melted butter, chopped parsley and lemon. Or sole au gratin in white wine sauce.

Conservation status:

MSC-labelled sole has green status but otherwise it’s yellow or red. Witch and lemon sole are also on the red list.

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