Salt water fish - Golden redfish
Salt water fish


Golden redfish looks a bit like an inflated reddish-orange colored perch. It has big protruding eyes and large spiky scales. It can weigh up to 15 kg.

Fish facts

Also called rosefish, and mainly caught in Norwegian waters. Related species from more southern waters are smaller. There is also a paler species known as Norway haddock.

Cooking golden redfish

The flesh is firm and responds well to frying or grilling. It is similar to – and can be treated like – pike-perch or perch.

The fresh taste of cucumber goes well with this fish. Just add a little acidity, salt, a mild onion and black pepper.

The classic

Grilled or fried in butter. Serve with a crème fraîche-based sauce, flavored with mustard, lemon, tarragon and plenty of chives, for example.

Conservation status:

Red, MSC-approved fishing methods have been developed in Iceland.

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