Salt water fish - Monkfish
Salt water fish


Impossible to miss, it tastes as good as it looks hideous. Monkfish is broad and flat with an oversized large head and a large mouth. The first fronds of fins over the head form antennae that act as a lure. A monkfish can weigh up to 60 kg but large examples have become rare.

Fish facts

Also known as fishing-frogs, frog-fish and sea-devils, The angler fish is a deep sea relative.

Monkfish tails only have one central bone for you to worry about.

How to cook monkfish

The flesh of monkfish is so white, firm and springy that it’s similar to lobster. You can even treat it like ordinary meat. It copes very well with being teamed with a rich red wine sauce and other flavors usually combined with meat.

Ideally cook in large pieces such as cutlets or steaks. The flavor is slightly sweet.

Possibly the only fish with flesh that poses no problems in kebabs. Brush the skewers before grilling. The fish can also be wrapped in bacon.

The different, yet good, consistency makes monkfish an exciting ingredient in mixed fish dishes, soups, stews, etc. but that would be a waste of such a rare fish.

Monkfish tastes good all year round.

The classic

Bacon-wrapped monkfish medallions with a red wine sauce.

Conservation status:

On the red list, unfortunately. Like many other fish that live at great depths, monkfish reproduces very slowly.

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