Salt water fish - Hake
Salt water fish


An elongated fish in the cod family, with a brownish black back, grey sides and a white belly. The rear dorsal and anal fins have grown together.

Fish facts

Hake is worth the slightly higher price if you cook the flesh carefully and give it a prominent position on the plate. It is a popular and much appreciated eating fish in Spain, where it is called “merluza”.

How to cook hake

Hake flesh is a delicacy. It is similar to cod but firmer and can be cooked in even more ways. It works well when fried or poached and marinating it in lime juice turns it a beautiful white color with a perfect al dente consistency.

The fish is smaller than cod. Adapt cooking times and portion sizes accordingly. It goes well with bacon or serrano ham as a flavor enhancer.

The classic

Ceviche as in Chile and Peru: Marinate in lime and salt and serve with aji (a strong chili sauce) and some lightly boiled sweet potatoes. With fresh coriander if desired.

Conservation status:

Cape hake from South Africa is MSC certified and has green status. European hake has either yellow or red status.

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