Salt water fish - Haddock
Salt water fish


A fish in the cod family recognizable by a dark mark above the breast fins. It is smaller than a cod and has a relatively small mouth.

Fish facts

Easily confused with whiting.

How to cook haddock

All fish in the cod family, including haddock, are perfect for steaming. Haddock has a similar consistency and taste to cod but some think that the flesh has a “shellfishy” flavor.

A haddock fillet is usually thinner than a cod fillet. If you simply rub the fish with salt an hour/half an hour before cooking, you get almost the same effect as soaking larger pieces in brine.

If you are going to fry the lean flesh, use a coating to add flavor and to help it hold together.

Haddock is best from September to April.

The classic

Norwegian fish cakes with potato wedges.

Conservation status:

MSC-labelled haddock has green status. Avoid haddock that are less than 35 cm long and fillets less than 25 cm long.

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