Salt water fish - Sea bass
Salt water fish


Sea bass, “Lubina” in Spanish – looks like a colorless and slightly thinner version of a perch or pike-perch. It is farmed along the Mediterranean coast.

Fish facts

This fish family covers hundreds of species. In warmer waters, often in coral reefs, fish in this family are called ”grouper” and can grow to large sizes.

How to cook sea bass

Farmed sea bass is a portion-sized fish weighing up to half a kilo, often served whole and grilled.

The flesh is firm and white and similar to perch and pike-perch. And to golden redfish.

If nothing else springs to mind, cook like perch. For example: Fry in butter and serve with chives, crème fraîche, North Sea prawns, etc

Or grill it or fry it in olive oil (a lower quality olive oil that can better withstand heat) and serve with aioli and large amounts of fresh herbs on the plate to emphasize the fact that this is a fresh, lean meal from sunny climes.

The classic

Brushed with olive oil and grilled whole. Season with sea salt, serve with a wedge of lemon and a salad that conjures up thoughts of the Med.

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