Salt water fish - Saithe
Salt water fish


A spindle-shaped fish in the cod family, identifiable by its split tail fin and the lack of barbels in adult fish. The belly and sides are light but the back is black and green.

Fish facts

Easily confused with European pollock. One difference is that pollock has a dark, crooked lateral line.

How to cook saithe

Many people have only encountered saithe as a deep-frozen, cheaper – and greyer – alternative to cod, but fresh saithe is a delicacy.

Due to the (sometimes) dull color, but good flavor, saithe is good for fish fingers, fish burgers and cooking au gratin.

Or steam it carefully as it is – it becomes overcooked quickly – and make sure to boost the attractiveness of the plate with a colorful sauce and great-looking accompaniments.

The classic

Coated fish burgers with tartar dressing

Conservation status:

On the green list, but preferably buy MSC-classified fish. Don’t buy fish smaller than 40 cm or fillets smaller than 30 cm.

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