Salt water fish - Roundnose grenadier
Salt water fish


An ugly-looking fish that lives in deep water in the Atlantic. The roundnose grenadier has a large head and a narrowing body ending in a tail. It has small scales and one barbel. The body is grey-brown, sometimes with black fins.

Fish facts

A fully grown roundnose grenadier can be over a meter long, but still weigh just over one and a half kilos because the “tail” is so thin.

Cooking roundnose grenadier

A fish which – possibly because of its unappealing appearance, like mackerel in days gone by – is still awaiting its culinary breakthrough. In Spain (which has the highest consumption of fish in Europe) it is popular under the name Granadero.

The flesh falls apart easily but is good wrapped in foil or baking paper in the oven. Remember to finely chop the other ingredients in the parcel so that it all cooks at the same time.

The classic

Fry in olive oil and garlic. Serve with pommes frites and aioli.

Conservation status:

On the red list due to bottom trawling combined with slow reproduction.

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