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The fillet of beef is located on the inside of the lower back of the animal. It is tender and tasty and can be eaten fried, pickled or as a steak tartare. The membrane and tendon on the long side should be trimmed before serving.

Keep in mind

The fillet of beef is located on the inside of the skeleton and works less than other muscles. This is why it is always tender. Some meat chefs think it is more tender than tasty, and therefore prefer less exclusive cuts.

How to cook beef tenderloin

The fillet of beef is low in fat and tender and needs to be salted and peppered for more taste. This is why it is good to wrap it in bacon, fill with blue cheese and serve with rich sauces.

If the meat is allowed to cook for too long it will become dry and tasteless. Fry quickly and finish cooking in the oven at a moderate temperature to a maximum of 54°C. Use a thermometer.

The classic

Beef Wellington, filled of beef baked in puff pastry – not for the beginner. The space between the fillet and the pastry should be filled with an abundance of mushroom, garlic and pâté.

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