Beef - Innanlår - lövbiff
Where on animal


This tender, lean meat comes from the inside of the back thigh of the animal. It can be fried quickly in a pan or in the oven but tends to contract and get dull in casseroles. The silverside should be trimmed from connecting tissue before preparation.

Keep in mind

The more marbling, the better the result if you fry the meat – sliced as minute steak.

How to cook beef silverside

Prepare all other ingredients, a thin steak is literally ready in less than a minute and should be headed straight to the guests before it loses taste and texture. Heat the plates beforehand.

The shorter the cooking time, the more tender the result. The pan must be sizzling hot (therefore teflon will not do) and the meat must be room temperature when you start.

When making minute steak, make an effort to cut similarly sized and equally thick slices that fit in the pan and simplify cooking and serving. Beat out under plastic foil if necessary.

It is a good idea to oil the meat instead of the pan. Fry each side with haste – with the right kind of heat it is a matter of seconds, not minutes – to get the right surface and a pink and tender meat core.

Minute steak makes excellent fast food. Try cutting in thin slices and eating directly in a noodle soup.

The classic

Fried minute steak with raw egg yolk and grated horseradish. Or stuffed with fried onion, mushroom, bacon and parsley.

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