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A tender steak with rich flavours. It can be cut into smaller, equally tasty, steaks.

Keep in mind

This is a piece that is quite pricy and low in fat. You can slice it, but then it has to be carefully cooked.

How to cook beef rump

The rump is preferably roasted in one piece and served warm or cold. Trim the steak before preparation. The roasted piece is so tender so you can treat it like beefsteak or fillet of beef. It works well to grill in slices if it is of high quality.

Lovers of steak tartare speak warmly of using rump that has been hung and thoroughly tenderized for this dish.

The classic

Classic steak with roasted root vegetables and a red wine sauce on Sunday. Cold sandwich on Monday. Hash on Tuesday. For a really juicy and entirely pink interior, cook the steak in the oven slowly at about 80°C.

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