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This cut consists of several layers of muscles and fat, all with varying cooking time. What you find in the butcher's is often the meatiest section of the brisket.

Keep in mind

Ask your butcher to trim the cut for you – but not too thoroughly. The fat and the connective tissue are packed with wonderful flavors.

How to cook beef brisket

Brisket is a tougher cut than chuck and shoulder and has to boil for at least 3 hours. It is traditionally seasoned with mild flavors such as whole peppercorn, bay leaves and onion, but the brisket absorbs tastes such as wine, soya, ginger etc just as well.

The boiled meat and the exquisite broth work well with racy flavors such as mustard, capers and pickled vegetables.

A Texan way of cooiking brisket is to cover it in dry herbs and spices – a "rub" – and then to smoke it in a covered BBQ. For a deliciously tender and juicy result, the process should be allowed to take several hours. Experts claim that a thick layer of rub will form a layer, sometimes known as "bark", that will encapsulate flavors and moistness. Cook the meat for about 12 hours at 90 to 95°C.

The classic

Slow cooked, fall apart brisket with lots of onion and your preferred spices.

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