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Often used to cook broth as it produces a rich taste and texture. Oxtail works well in casseroles and soups, if you do not mind the ample (and tasty) fat.

Keep in mind

You can add oxtail to a casserole with other cuts, to improve the taste and texture.

How to cook oxtail

Oxtail should be cooked slowly. Calculate at least three hours and be aware that the depth of taste will be even better if the stew is allowed to stand and cool overnight. Make a base of onion, celery and root vegetables. A high fat level – around 10 per cent – and marrow gives a lot of taste.

If oxtail is your only ingredient it might be a good idea to bring it to a swift boil and to pour off the water/fat before starting anew. The amount of fat and the fatty taste can become too much of a good thing...

The classic

Oxtail soup. Let it cook for a long time and enhance the deep color by adding red wine, veal broth, tomato purée and a few drops of soya.

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