Beef - Rump steak
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Also known as Crown or Rose. This cut is the archetype for a lean, juicy and tasty Sunday steak. Trim it before cooking in the oven. Or boil it tender in a classic French casserole.

Keep in mind

The loin can be cut into smaller, equally tasty steaks.

How to cook thick flank of beef

Due to the low level of fat and a large amount of connecting tissue, the loin is suitable as pot roast, cooked slowly in high humidity over a long period of time. Serve with a sauce that adds some fat and silky mouthfeel.

You have to tie a thick flank steak; otherwise it breaks into smaller pieces.

When serving, cut the steak against the fibres and equip your guests with suitable knives for meat. Tenderness is not all – it's about taste, too.

The classic

Steak with cream sauce, or Pot Roast, a classic stew with onions, carrots, garlic and red wine.

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