Beef - Flank steak
Where on animal


A piece of the stomach muscle of the animal. It’s a lean and tasty muscle. The flat shape makes it perfect for the grill.

Keep in mind

Prepared and served correctly (in thin slices cut against the fibers), flank is just as delicious as more expensive cuts.

How to cook flank of beef

The flank is a tough muscle that benefits from an acidic marinade (without oil) for at least 30 minutes before cooking.

This cut has a flat shape and is very easy to grill or fry. It contracts when cooked. Apply intensive heat and flip after a short period of time.

The temperature must not go further than medium, about 45 C°, or the meat will turn dry and chewy.

Important: Cut the meat straight across the fibers (they are perfectly visible and spread outwards in a fan-shape) and serve in thin, appetizing slices.

Minced flank makes an excellent steak tartare with a nice meat taste. Ask your butcher for advice.

The classic

Fajitas: Tortillas with thin slices with marinade, grilled flank, salsa roja, fresh vegetables, guacamole, sour crème, etc.

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