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A favorite among many cooks that includes both of the most prized cuts on a cow. The T-bone steak is cut from the saddle and easy to recognize because of its two meats ¬– sirloin on one side and tenderloin on the other – separated by a T-shaped bone.

A T-bone steak becomes a porterhouse steak when it comes from the back of the short loin, where the tenderloin section is larger.

Keep in mind

For that rich, “beefy” taste, look for marbling in the sirloin. The tenderloin will always have less marbling.

The two meats will behave differently on the grill. The sirloin side is larger and often insulated by fat, the smaller tenderloin side is not. Grill cooks have a number of tricks to get both sides just right.

Suggestion 1, when choosing: Look for cuts with a large, thick piece of tenderloin that will take more time to cook through.

Suggestion 2, when grilling: Cook with the tenderloin side facing away from the hottest part of the grill.

How to cook T-bone steak

The cut should weigh about 600 grams and be about 5 cm thick – making the steak perfect for two people. Because of the thickness and the bone it takes a while to cook.

This hefty piece of tasty meat belongs on the grill or barbecue. The presence of the bone makes it difficult to “connect” properly to the hot surface in a frying pan.

Salt and pepper is all you need. Rub a generous amount of salt into the meat at least half an hour before cooking. The meat on this cut is relatively lean, therefore some cooks baste the steak with a little melted butter just before serving.

The classic

Beautifully seared on the grill, left to rest, cut up against the fibers and served with a flavor-enhancing coating of garlic-scented butter.

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