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Where on animal


This cut is located on the outside of the lower back of the animal (with the tenderloin as opposing muscle on the inside). It has relatively little marbling and the color is therefore deep red. The deeper the color, the more flavor you can expect from it.

Keep in mind

Can go by the name beef steak, beef sirloin or sirloin steak. Preferably, the steak should have an intact layer of covering fat to enhance taste and juiciness.

How to cook beef sirloin

The sirloin is relatively tender and also tasty – and is suitable for roasting whole in the oven. Overcooking the meat will make it very tough – and remember that the temperature keeps rising after you have removed the steak from the oven.

Keep the layer of fat throughout cooking and cut any visible tendons to avoid the steak curling up on itself.

The classic

Roasted (whole) sirloin with a red wine sauce and roasted potatoes. Preferably on a Sunday.

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