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The clod – with or without the bone remaining – is the front leg of the animal and parts of the chest. It is suitable for boiling. It is a bit leaner and gives a somewhat firmer, grainier casserole meat than chuck. The hard-working meat, the bone and the marrow pack a lot of taste.

Keep in mind

If the meat is to be boiled, ask to keep the bone. If you want it neatly and expertly sliced, ask your butcher to help you.

How to cook clod of beef

A tenderized clod steak can be roasted in the oven slowly at low temperatures. Serve the meat in thin slices, cutting it against the fibers before serving.

Goulash soup can be made from all casserole meat from beef, as long as it is not too lean. Be aware that red paprika pepper is a fresh commodity, which should be newly ground for maximum taste, just like coffee.

The classic

What many of us call “Bolognese” is called “Ragu” in its hometown Bologna. Preferably, a real ragu from Bologna is cooked with clod with the bone remaining. The special taste is enhanced with pancetta and chopped celery. Serve with fresh pasta.

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