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Marrow contains 85 per cent fat and has been given cult status in some restaurants, but marrow has always been a deeply appreciated raw material.

Keep in mind

Marrow is an excellent taste enhancer, but can also be cooked for its own sake. The raw material in the store is marrowbone. Ask your butcher to cut it into suitable “portions”, along the length or across. Grill or roast in the oven.

How to cook marrow

Marrow should traditionally be served lukewarm to bring out the smooth and delicate taste. It falls apart at the slightest touch and should preferably be served and eaten straight from the severed bone.

Use the fat and the umami in the marrow to enhance the taste and the texture in casseroles, soups and sauces.

The classic

Roasted marrowbone with parsley salad. If you are into gadgets, there are spoons that are specifically designed to retrieve the raw material in the easiest way.

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