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The chuck and blade are probably the most commonly used meats for braising. These cuts come from the shoulders of the animal, between the neck and the fore rib. The chuck is a large steak that contains a lot of muscle and connecting tissue which provide a lot of taste and sumptuous texture in classic stews.

Keep in mind

Look for marbling. Buy a larger piece and cook for several meals, a stew which has rested for a few days tastes even better.

How to cook chuck and blade of beef

The chuck is full of fat and collagen and therefore becomes tasty and pleasantly smooth on the palate when cooked for along time. This cut is also easier to trim than other kinds of meat from the front of the beef, making it perfect for stews with rich, hot and smoky tastes.

Suitable basic ingredients are wine, broth or tomato with complements such as onion, garlic, bacon, vegetables and mushrooms. Boil for at least two hours to achieve a tasty, crumbling meat.

The heart of chuck is a piece that can be tender and nicely marbled. Try frying it as you would an entrecote.

The classic

Boeuf Bourguignon, casserole, chili, etc. A true chili is made of onion, garlic, roasted cumin seeds, bacon, chili chipotle, chili nacho, beer and entire pieces of meat that have been allowed to boil until they crumble. Serve beans as a side dish, if possible.

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