Cabbage - Kohlrabi


Here it’s the swollen base of the stem that we’re interested in. Kohlrabi looks like a turnip but grows above ground. The base is packed with vitamin C and is excellent raw, in thin slices, or shredded in a salad. When cooked it loses some of its vitamins but it can be worth it.

The taste is mild and slightly sweet and the texture is crisp like a radish.

Keep in mind

Kohlrabi, with its swollen base, is a separate kind of plant but earns its place here thanks to its pronounced taste of cabbage.

How to cook kohlrabi

Raw, kohlrabi is a crunchy side dish when sliced and mixed with a vinaigrette, or shredded in a salad. But it can also be boiled, fried or stir fried.

Kohlrabi in butter: Cut off the peel and the stalks (the leaves are the most bitter layer if you’re thinking of making a salad). Cut the kohlrabi into wedges or chunks and parboil in lightly salted water or stock. Drain and drench in butter. Mix, salt and enjoy.

Add to soup: Kohlrabi goes well in most soups and casseroles. Just remember not to add it until towards the end so it stays crisp.

Fry raw kohlrabi or stir fry it in olive oil and garlic. Stir in some spinach or rocket for more color and flavor.

Oven bake the chopped head with other vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, preferably new potatoes.


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