Fresh water fish - Char
Fresh water fish


Char, or arctic char, is a fish in the salmon family with tasty, deep red flesh. The body is dark with light spots and a red belly. Farmed char are common and good quality.

Fish facts

This fish comes in local variations – arctic char, lake char, American brook char, Canadian char – and is a close relative of brook trout (known as brook char in some waters).

How to cook char

An excellent eating fish, portion-sized, with firm orange pink flesh that is ideal for everything. It can be cooked whole – fried or in the oven – poached, grilled, smoked and cured. It tastes good and looks great on the plate and is therefore popular in restaurants.

A large, cold poached char makes a great-looking, practical and tasty feature on a buffet. Partner with flavors on the sour side. The slight sharpness of leeks – e.g. stuffed – goes well with char.

Fillets should be fried quickly on a high heat so they don’t get overcooked. Ideally keeping the skin on.

The classic

Grilled char. Remove the springy flesh and eat it in pitta bread with mashed potato, finely chopped tender leek, salt, pepper, lemon and melted butter.

Conservation status:

Farmed char – yellow.



 [KL1]Or Arctic char? (Salvelinus alpinus)

 [KL2]Fjällröding = Arctic char, Storröding = lake char, Bäckröding (salvelinus fontinalis) = Brook trout (!)

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