Fresh water fish - Vendace
Fresh water fish


A fish in the salmon family with white flesh, closely related to grayling and whitefish. A vendace can weigh up to a kilo. It is similar to herring but has the characteristic adipose fin of the salmon family. It is silver in color with a blue-green back.

Fish facts

A vendace has an underbite, a whitefish is bigger and has an overbite. Vendace roe is delicious – and pricy.

Cooking vendace

This little salmon fish with white flesh is delicious charred over a fire. Sprinkle fine salt on the base of a cast iron pan and char the skin with little or no fat. Finish off the fish in the oven but bear in mind that thin vendace fillets dry out easily. A vinaigrette sauce adds acidity and juiciness.

The roe is turned into Kalix Löjrom, the Swedish caviar that has EU Protected Designation of Origin status. It is red and has a deep, mild flavor that’s easily appreciated and easy to combine in fish dishes (unlike many other types of caviar and roe whose flavor can be sharp and overpowering).

The classic

Fried whole, smoked or grilled. With dill butter.

Conservation status:

Vendace is yellow.


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