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Trout are fish in the salmon family. They can easily be confused with salmon but the distinguishing features are that they are smaller and have more spots on the gill covers and the lateral line. Different trout populations are different in habits, appearance and size.

Fish facts

Not all trout migrate to the sea during their lifetime, as is the case, for example, with lake and river trout.

Cooking trout

Trout is a beautiful, portion-sized fish that can be cooked like a small salmon. It works well fried in butter. Or grill it whole with the skin on.

Cucumber goes well with it. The combination of warm fish and cold, crisp vegetables is an exciting one, but you could also try salting the cucumber and frying it in butter.

Try drawing out the flavor of the fish by curing it and then frying. The dill in the cure recipe can be replaced with mustard seeds, for example.

Cooking this fish “blue” means coloring it by adding vinegar to the poaching water.

The classic

Truite aux amandes, butter-fried trout with almonds, French style.

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