Fresh water fish - Whitefish
Fresh water fish


A fish in the salmon family with white flesh, closely related to grayling and vendace. Whitefish are long and thin with an appearance similar to herring but have the characteristic adipose fin of the salmon family.

Fish facts

A whitefish has an overbite, a vendace is smaller and has an underbite. The white flesh of whitefish is much less fatty than that of salmon, for example.

How to cook whitefish

Salmon fish with white flesh are delicious charred over a fire. Sprinkle fine salt on the base of a cast iron pan and char the skin with little or no fat. The pan needs to be hot enough to make the salt “jump” – Teflon won’t do the job.

Finish the fish off in the oven and remember that thin fillets go dry easily. A vinaigrette sauce gets mouths watering and goes well with the fish.

Freshly caught whitefish grilled over an open fire is a delicacy in itself.

The classic

Smoked whitefish salad. With boiled potatoes, hard-boiled egg, chives and crème fraîche.

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