Fresh water fish - Bream
Fresh water fish


Bream is a member of the carp family and can be recognized by its humped back and flat body. The tail fin is split and the body varies in color through black, silver and green, with large scales. While many see bream as a fish to throw away, others think larger bream weighing about a kilo taste excellent and are ideal for poaching. Cold poached bream was once considered a delicacy.

Fish facts

Common bream can be mistaken for its less well-known relatives silver bream, blue bream and vimba bream.

How to cook bream

Bream works in most carp recipes but small fish can be a bit on the bony side. Scale the fish carefully before cooking.

Bream can also be roasted and taste best from September to December once well fed.

The flesh is white, lean and tends to fall apart.

The classic

Cold poached bream with horseradish sauce.

Conservation status:

Professional Secrets interprets the fact that bream cannot be found on any conservation lists as indicating that it has green status.


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