Salt water fish


Hoki is an elongated fish with a blue-green back and a silver belly. Its distinguishing feature is that the body ends in an extended tail that grows narrower towards the end.

Fish facts

Hoki is often imported from New Zealand and is related to hake and other members of the cod family.

How to cook hoki

The flesh of hoki is attractive, white and juicy but not firm. Treat it like cod or hake.

The flesh falls apart easily and is ideally suited to being wrapped in an aromatic foil parcel. One advantage with this cooking method is that all the fabulous aromas waft out when the parcel is opened at the table.

The flesh can easily become overcooked. Soaking it in a salt solution for a while first firms it up. This also reduces the risk of albumin leaking out during cooking.

The classic

A creamy fish pie, with added prawns, for example, for extra flavor.

Conservation status:

Red, unless MSC labelled.

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