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King crabs are found in cold seas and in recent years have become popular on TV and on the fish counter. They can weigh over 14 kg and measure two meters between the tips of the claws.

These huge animals are also known as Kamchatka crab or Red king crab.

Fish facts

Fresh king crab can be cooked in salted water (approx. 1.5 tbsp/liter) roughly like other crabs. But you will need a big saucepan.

This was the crab that used to be sold cheaply in tins. Today it has a completely different status as an exclusive fresh product.

How to cook king crab

The tastiest, meatiest flesh is in the claws and the arms. The body contains almost nothing of interest.

The shell is softer and tougher than in smaller crab. Use strong kitchen scissors to get the meat out in whole, attractive pieces. Remove the gristle.

King crab is thought to taste best in October – December.

The classic

Serve the delicate meat with nothing but melted butter, a little salt and a little lemon.

Conservation status:

This species of crab comes from the Pacific Ocean where it is illegally caught – at least on the Russian side – and is therefore red listed. However crab were planted outside Murmansk in the 1960s where they are currently forcing out other species along the whole coast all the way as far as Lofoten in Norway. In other words, you can eat Norwegian king crab with a good conscience.


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