Shellfish - Cockles


A small, savory shellfish cooked live, like blue mussels.

Fish facts

Cockles are bivalves, a kind of mollusk.

They can be used to replace clams, but are somewhat smaller. If you can, always eat cockles the same day you buy them.

How to cook cockles

These bivalves live in sand and can bring some of it with them. Empty them of sand and gravel before cooking by placing in a saucepan with cold, salted water (1.5 tbsp/liter) for about an hour.

The liquid that fills the pan as the cockles boil and open is excellent. If it doesn’t all get eaten, freeze it and save it. This is true for all types of mussels.

The classic

Cockles “a la marinera”, as in Spain, flavored with olive oil, garlic, piri-piri, ground sweet paprika and tomatoes. Serve with fresh white bread to absorb the delicious sauce.

Conservation status:

No information available.

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