Shellfish - Spider crab


Spider crabs in European waters are quite small and tend not to be eaten. Japanese spider crabs, on the other hand, are the world’s largest arthropods and can weigh 20 kg and measure almost 4 meters between the tips of the claws.

Fish facts

Many think this is the best-tasting crab of all. The meat is "fibrous", juicy and tasty.

How to cook spider crab

It’s often sold precooked. The excellent meat works with similar flavors and dishes as langoustines.

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The classic

Freshly boiled and served as it comes on a bed of ice and seaweed. Cooked crab meat is ideal for salads, ideally with an Asian inspired dressing of fresh coriander, lime, Japanese soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic.

Conservation status:

Because it is in such great demand on the dining table, e.g. in Japan, the spider crab population is running into difficulties. No listing is available.


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