Shellfish - Prawns/shrimps


Also known as pink shrimp or deep water prawn. Whether you call them “shrimps” (or “shrimp”) or “prawns” in English can depend on how big the shellfish are and what country you live in. “Shrimp” is more commonly seen on menus in the US. Almost always precooked when you buy them. The male can be up to 12 cm long, the female up to 17 cm.

Fish facts

The northern shrimp changes sex from male to female after a few years of life. Females are larger and more mature.

How to cook shrimp

Shrimp are largest, most attractive and full of roe in October to January. The shrimp available in the summer tend to be thinner and paler.

Fresh shrimp that haven’t been frozen before they get to you have – should have – soft antennae. They should be sold in an airy paper bag, not sealed plastic containers. Good shrimps should have a good, salty flavor and be chewy. Really good shrimps smell of the sea.

These relatively small shellfish go tough if they are allowed to boil. Put them in last in soups or only use them as a garnish.

The best way to eat frozen shrimp is over a newspaper.

The classic

The Swedish toast Skagen, with mayonnaise and whitefish roe on a small piece of bread.

Conservation status:

MSC-labelled and organic northern shrimp have green status.

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