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This cut from the king of the forest can be sliced for the frying pan or the grill. But grilling lean game meat is always a risk. For a juicier result it’s best to roast it whole.

Keep in mind

Game is much leaner than meat from domesticated animals, and almost never marbled. You might find a little fat here on the entrecôte. Make the most of it!

How to cook moose entrecôte

Roast a moose entrecôte whole: Prepare the joint but don’t throw away the thinner parallel piece that is also part of the entrecôte. This cut consists of several groups of muscles next to each other, with fat in between. Use it!

Use string to tie up a rectangular joint where the fat, see above, forms a juicy, densely flavored center. It’s this juiciness and the flavor you want.

When tying your joint: Aim for as even a shape as possible so that the whole piece of meat reaches the same temperature after the same amount of time in the oven. (if one end is thin and the other is fatter, they will be done at different times.)

Season the whole entrecôte with salt and pepper. Brown it on all sides in a frying pan and then put in the oven at approximately 125°C.

Use a thermometer and aim for 48°C to 52°C depending on how rare you like your meat. Remember that the internal temperature will continue to rise by about 5°C even after you’ve taken the meat out of the oven. (Read more about the 4% rule.)

Leave the entrecôte to rest for 15 minutes. Carve across the fibers and serve.

The classic

Oven-baked moose entrecôte with béarnaise sauce.

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