Lamb - Shoulder of lamb
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The front of the lamb contains strong meat with a high level of fat that you can prepare with or without the bone to make rich casseroles. If you remove the bone, the piece that is left can be filled with spices and be tied up to a steak that you slow cook in the oven at a low temperature.

Keep in mind

If you want the bone removed to make a steak, ask your butcher to do it.

How to cook lamb shoulder

When cooked on low heat lamb shoulder results in tasty meat that melts in your mouth.

If cooking a stew, remove as much foam as possible at the start. The tasty gravy works especially well when combining spices that are common around the Mediterranean, in North Africa and in India.

Slow cooking give the most reliable result, but with correct handling – for example marinating and indirect heat at the hands of a skilled cook – these cuts can be grilled as well.

The classic

Sheep in a cabbage stew, a ‘poor mans’ dish with mild seasoning. Simply, lamb and cabbage that have been cooked slowly in a tasty broth.

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