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When you cut up a whole loin of lamb along its length you get lamb chops. These cuts of meat are relatively small and are therefore usually left intact and "double" (the equivalent cut from a pig, a pork chop, is split down the middle). Hence the pretty, symmetrical shape.

Keep in mind

You will need two or three chops per person.

How to cook lamb chops

Don't remove fat from the chops before cooking them. The fat provides lots of flavor and your guests can take care of removing it on their plates.

Cook the chops by applying intensive heat ina pan or on a grill for a short time. You want the surface to be properly seared, but without the delicate meat being cooked through. Let the last stage of cooking take place with residual heat in a warm oven – or even in a warm spot on your stove. Use a thermometer.

Respect the raw material: Don't complicate things with the actual chops, you are better of experimenting with whatever else you are bringing to your dish. What's more, the pretty shape fo the lamb chops make it easy to create an attractive composition.


Grillade, rosmarinmarinerade lammkotletter. Att lägga kvistar med rosmarin direkt på glöden går också bra.

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