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One of the most tender and delicious parts of the pork. It is easy to slice and portion due to its even size.

Keep in mind

The flat tendon along the side should be trimmed. Pork fillet should be served with a pink center, otherwise it has already dried out.

How to cook pork tenderloin

Prepare pork fillet with great care, the meat is very lean and quickly turns dry and uninspiring. An internal temperature of 65°C is enough. During grilling, the fillet should initially be exposed to high heat for a short while, and then the cooking finished at a low heat.

Most cream sauces suit the mild taste of the pork fillet.

The classic

Whole roasted fillet of pork with a creamy chanterelle sauce. The fillet gets sufficient time to get ready in the oven (and under foil outside the oven), while you – in the same pan – prepare a creamy chanterelle sauce.

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