Pork - Shoulder of pork
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This tasty meat from the front part can be cut in a variety of different ways resulting in different steaks. All of these can be cooked tender and then quickly fried for a tasty surface. This affordable meat is also suitable for being diced for use in a wok.

Keep in mind

Look for marbling for more taste. The meat from the shoulder is often sold sliced or diced.

How to cook shoulder of pork

The sweetness in the meat thrives with sweet and sour sauces, marinades and accessories. As a steak, the shoulder should be prepared in a moist heat.

“Pulled pork” is usually prepared from “pork butt” or "boston butt", from the upper part of the shoulder and blade. The whole piece is cooked at very low heat in a pot in the oven. The result is tender, tasty, thready meat.

The classic

Woked shredded pork. Flavor with soy and sugar, chilli, fish sauce, oyster sauce, Hoisin sauce etc.

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