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There is more meat on the pig’s front shank and this is the part that is usually – but not always – called the knuckle of pork. Some find pork knuckle uninviting, but in Germany it is a widely appreciated, especially roasted.

Keep in mind

Pork knuckle is often sold salted. The fatty rind should be left intact until after preparation to give taste to the lean meat. Preferably finalize the preparation by roasting in the oven to achieve a beautiful color and a crispy rind.

How to cook pork knuckle

Roast or grill – with care – the knuckle in one piece and serve it with a variety of accessories, such as sauerkraut and other charcuteries. Ideally, prepare the knuckle a day in advance and let it rest in its own juice.

Pork knuckle is suitable for everything from German to Mexican recipes and, not least, Asian seasoning. If the rind is prepared crispy (in the oven), it can also be eaten.

Split pea soup is a delicacy prepared the Swedish way using pork knuckle with the bone remaining inside.

The classic

Boil or grill whole (or both) and serve with sauerkraut as “schweinehaxe”.

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