Cabbage - Brussels sprouts


These tiny cabbages come in many sorts and colors. “Flower sprouts” that look more like a flower are an original variation on this plant.

Cut them horizontally to get a beautiful rose. Or lengthwise to get a beautiful tree.

Keep in mind

Brussels sprouts taste better at the end of the season when the winter frost makes the plant less bitter.

The slightly bitter taste can also be countered by braising: fry first, then boil in a little salted water.

How to cook Brussels sprouts

Newly harvested Brussels sprouts are surprisingly good raw. As they’re small, sprouts cook really quickly. Think fast food rather than slow cooking. Parboiling and then frying is a good way to bring out the excellent flavor.

Halved or sliced Brussels sprouts are great in salads.

Treat Brussels sprouts like any new spring vegetable: Parboil and slather in butter. It’s no more difficult than that.

Brussels sprouts fried raw are a delicacy. Halve the heads and fry in butter or oil.

Cut up the leaves, sprinkle with a little olive oil and roast in the oven at 175°C to add crunch and for decoration.

The classic

Slowly fried, caramelized Brussels sprouts.

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