Cabbage - Chinese cabbage


A type of cabbage, although it mostly tends to end up in salads. It is true that Chinese cabbage has a lot in common with lettuces and it’s a bit more delicate than other kinds of cabbage. It can be eaten raw as a salad but it’s more interesting when pickled to make kimchi or quickly stir fried in a wok.

Keep in mind

Thinly slice with a large knife that’s longer than the width of the head of cabbage.

How to cook Chinese cabbage

Like all kinds of cabbage, Chinese cabbage can be eaten raw, fried/stir fried and boiled. A real classic is kimchi, the Korean, pickled, spicy number one side dish.

Finely shred the cabbage, add spices and eat raw as a salad. Chili, ginger and soya go well with Chinese cabbage.

Boil the long leaves and serve as a side dish with sweet chili sauce, for example.

Chinese cabbage in wedges: Slice the head into wedges and parboil in stock or lightly salted water. Crisply fried bacon, melted butter and lemon go well with it.

Coarsely shred the cabbage and stir fry with crushed garlic and sea salt. Add pepper and serve as a side dish.

Make kimchi, vegetables pickled with lactic acid, with spring onions, daikon, chili, ginger and fish sauce. Just remember to start at least a week ahead. And that the smell is, shall we say, unique.

The classic

Korea’s pride and joy, kimchi.

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