Fresh water fish - Grayling
Fresh water fish


A fish in the salmon family with white flesh, closely related to whitefish and vendace. The fish is silvery in color with grey markings and can be recognized by the dorsal fin which is tall and square and looks like a sail.

Fish facts

Grayling are rarely found on the fish counter but are a popular catch with anglers.

How to cook grayling

Grayling’s white and relatively lean flesh is delicious grilled or you can sprinkle fine salt in the bottom of a cast-iron pan before cooking in little or no fat to char the skin.

Finish off the fish in the oven but bear in mind that thin fillets of lean flesh dry out easily. The fragrant flesh goes well with a vinaigrette sauce.

Grayling are said to smell of thyme.

The classic

Freshly caught and grilled.

Conservation status:


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