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Breast of lamb is often ground to mince, but it can be filled with spices if the bone is removed. It is then tied up to a roll, which is cooked on a low heat, then roasted in the oven and served in slices.

Keep in mind

The spare ribs of lamb are a perfect cut during the barbeque season, but strangely enough this cut is not always easy to come by. When cooking ribs, calculate up to 250 gr per person.

How to cook lamb brisket

The brisket with the bones removed is prepared much like a "Swiss roll". The roll is filled with mediterranean spices – or any other spices that go wel with lamb. Tie up the roll with string and cook in the oven at low temperatures for a long time. Cut the rolled up breast of lamb in pretty slices and serve with tasty accompaniments.

Their perfect size and high level of fat make lamb spareribs perfect for the barbeque. You can pre-boil them in a tasty bouillon to get a tender, juicier meat.

The classic

Stuffed lamb brisket. Not the most straight forward way to cook lamb, but it results in a multitude of flavors on the plate that impress guests.
Rosemary is the classic herb for lamb, but Mediterranean herbs such as oregano, thyme, sage and marjoram work just as well. Lemon or lemon peel enhances the taste of the lamb itself.

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