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The leftovers when other pieces have been removed and served up.

Keep in mind

With what is left over after all the other pieces have been cut away, you boil one of the most useful broths in the kitchen.

How to cook chicken bones

Obviously, you are not actually preparing the bones for eating, but some of the most delicious soups in world kitchens are based on broth boiled from this "cut".

Help the flavors develop with appropriate vegetables for soup – such as leeks and carrots – and mild seasoning. The water should boil  but not violently. A good idea is to leave the lid on and let the broth cool and develop overnight. Strain and reduce the following day.

If you don't have the time for this procedure it is perfectly all rigth to freeze the bones. Use as much as possible of this raw material to get as much flavor as possible.

The classic

Clear chicken broth with pak choi and dumplings.

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