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A considerably larger, heavier and more sinewy animal than your regular grilled chicken.

Keep in mind

Unfortunately, not as easy to come by as chicken.

This is a fully grown and requires another kind of handling than the young, broiler chickens that we have all grown accustomed to.

How to cook hen

During its relatively long lifetime a hen has had opportunity to develop deep flavors. The meat needs to be boiled for a long time, any other cooking method is hard to consider.

A grown up bird must boil for one and a half to two hours. If possible, let it simmer gently. This way the meat will turn out more moist and tender.

Add a few root vegetables, which you sieve off at the end of the cooking. Keep the broth. It can be even tastier than chicken broth and can form the basis for soups, casseroles and sauces. Freeze it if you want it to keep for long.

After slow boiling you can pick the meat from the bones with your fingers. You can pull it apart – a bit like pulled pork – and use it in any numer of dishes. Mild flavors and juicy and/or added fat is recommended.

The classic

Boiled hen with old fashioned powder curry. Boil the entire hen until the meat is tender. Take it out and detach the meat – it should be easy if it is ready. Season the gravy with around a third of a can of mild curry directly from the spice shelf in the store (preferably fry the curry first in a bit of butter to bring the aroma to life). Boil and reduce the liquid and mix with flour and cream. Put the meat back in the beautiful, yellow curry. Serve with rice.

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