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Where on animal


In France consideraed as the most delicious of all chickens. It lives a relatively long and free life and has time to develop an extraordinary character and taste. Some people would say it resembles game.

Keep in mind

This is the Rolls Royce of chicken, which is reflected in the price. Only you can decide if it is worth the money.

How to cook Bresse chicken

This is a big animal with powerful muscles. The challenge lies in not cooking the meat too far, which will make it turn dry and tough (even when you get it just right, the meat is tougher than on your every day chicken).

This is an unbeatable raw material that should not be eclipsed by other ingredients and spices. After you have emptied a Bresse chicken, the inside should be rubbed with lemon to remove any taste left by the intestines.

The classic

”A la crème”, in a creamy casserole with morels, mushroom and cream. Add a little acidity in the form of a dash of lemon.

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