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The chicken leg consists of the thigh and the drumstick.

Keep in mind

The chicken leg is perfect as a portion piece when you fry or grill. The meat on the leg of the chicken is dark, juicy, tender and easy to get right. Including the bone in casseroles adds extra taste and texture.

How to cook chicken leg

The meat will be tastier and juicier if you leave the skin on. Apply salt generously when grilling or frying – most of it will fall of anyway.

Store chicken in a dry place before cooking, for example on a gridiron. You will get a better result with nice, crispy skin if the raw material is dry.

The dark meat on the leg is can take 70°C (the lean, white meat in the chicken breast starts drying out at 65°C).

Deep fry chicken drum sticks like a pro

The classic

Marinated chicken leg – chose whichever marinade you want – straight on the barbeque.

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