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A big bird that weighs many kilos. It deserves more attention and a more widespread reputation than it has today.

Keep in mind

An entire goose weighs several kilos, but shrinks a great deal in the oven, partly because the fat trickles out. Calculate around half a kilo per person.

How to cook goose

The legs and wings on a goose are wiry and tough. The meat becomes more appetizing if cut into smaller pieces and slices. 

There is a considerable difference in the time taken for breast and wings to cook through. Aim for 70°C for the legs and 65°C for breasts. It is important to give the bird plenty of time to rest after cooking. Don't forget that the inner temperature will continue tio rise corresponding to about 4% of the oven temperature.

Goose is a fatty food, but you can balance this on the plate by avoiding greasy, fried accompaniments.

The classic

Whole, oven roasted goose stuffed with apples and plums..

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