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A large kind of tomato, as the name implies. Most varieties are rounded, slightly flattened and the texture is also “beefy” and relatively firm.

Also known as big beef tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes.

Keep in mind

There are also yellow beef tomatoes.

Due to their size these tomatoes are not easily cut into pretty wedges or slices to go into a salad.

One variety of beef tomato with folds in the skin, a bit like a pumpkin, is known as Coeur de boeuf. ”Boeuf” means beef and this particular tomato is pretty to look at and can be ripe even if the skin shows shades of green.

How to cook beef tomatoes

Beef tomatoes, because of their size and compact build, are perfect for cutting sizeable slices to go on sandwiches, hamburgers and veggie burgers.

Thicker slices of beef tomato can be fried or grilled for a short time on high heat to get a seared surface with great flavors.

Half a beef tomato – to go with any food – can be fried in a pan with the cut surface facing downwards. Or fill half a beef tomato with spices, meat, fish, vegetables, melted cheese, etc.

The classic

A Full English Breakfast with fried beef tomato. If the breakfast is not hearty enough for you, cover the tomato with melted cheddar.

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