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Veal chops have a wonderful taste and texture. They must be prepared carefully so as not to dry out the meat. An entire cutlet row is called a veal rack. You can stuff it and roast it whole in the oven.

Keep in mind

Calculate 200 gr per person with the bone.

How to cook veal chops

Crispy fried, tender chops are suitable for a juicy mix of tomatoes and vegetables with Italian seasoning. Salt, white pepper and butter and/or olive oil is the only seasoning needed in the frying pan

You can prepare the chops on the grill – but you will miss out on the added fat from the frying pan, which goes well with the lean meat (there is a tasty reason why italian chefs like to bread and fry this cut).

The classic

Breaded chops become Costolette alla Milanese. A salad of chopped tomatoes, mild onion, basil and lemon is perfectly suitable as the only accessory.

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