Lettuce, salad - Lamb's lettuce
Lettuce, salad


Also known as mâche, corn salad, field salad and rapunzel, as in the fairy tale. The small leaves sit in rosettes which can be placed whole in salads. The flavor is strong and nutty, a bit like cress.

This particular type of lettuce often has a lot of roots and soil left when you find it in the shop (unless it’s been grown hydroponically). Rinse carefully if necessary. Pinch off the roots with your fingers – but not so high up that the leaves fall apart.

Keep in mind

Lamb’s lettuce has delicate leaves, eat them up at once. If you have to store it, put it in the least cold part of the fridge. It will do fine there for 2-3 days.

How to use lamb’s lettuce

The strong flavor means that lamb’s lettuce is often used where it adds a bit of nuttiness, almost like a herb. But it also works on its own as lettuce. The small leaves are delicate and should be eaten raw.

Throw some rosettes into a salad, it tastes good and looks good too. They also work perfectly as edible decorations with practically everything.

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