Lettuce, salad - Salad (fri)
Lettuce, salad


The flavor of this lettuce is similar to that of endive, as shown by the name. It has straggly, fine-veined leaves that are yellow in the middle and green towards the edges.

The flavor is strong and spicy and can be quite bitter. Let it stand out a bit in a green salad.

Keep in mind

Use the whole head at once, it will only keep for a day or two.

How to use curly endive

Mix it with more neutral lettuces unless you’re aiming for a really bitter experience.

An orange dressing goes well with these bitter leaves. You can also let it boil quickly in the juice from the orange.

If the lettuce has started to wilt, cut off the dodgy bits and then use the rest in a stir fry with noodles.

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